ALLE’s top management staff presented the human capital management system employed by the company at the 7th “Executive Idea Exchange Forum”.

Ato Nuredin Mohammed, the general manager of ALLE and Ms. Alla Grahn a representative from ALLE’s consulting firm, AT Kearney, presented the human capital management system, which the newly established wholesale enterprise employed in its HR management.

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Nuredin Mohammed and Alla Grahn seated next to State Minister for MoFED, Dr.Abraham Tekeste and State Minister for MoI, Dr. Mebrahtu Melese before their presentation at the AAU “Idea Exchange Forum”

They revealed how ALLE aspires to be an employee of choice and gain a competitive advantage over its competitors through focusing on its employee development towards high return on investment (ROI), by linking incentives and rewards to performance.

They also explained the objectives of the HR department at ALLE and its commitment to become a strategic partner with business units, with high performing, centrally coordinated, customer-focused and highly responsive HR organization.

They also demonstrated the current status of ALLE in relation to its human resource and capacity building endeavors.

The forum, organized by the Management Department of Addis Ababa University. in a quarterly basis presents timely subject matters and important issues. Participants of the forum are senior government officials, the academia and the private sector and is aimed at creating common understanding and enhancing a sense of partnership.

The 7th forum was held on the 18th of December 2014 with the theme “Human capital management in Ethiopia” and ALLE’s experience on recruiting its human resource and developing the talent of its human capital was presented to the participants before a panel discussion on the topic.

Senior government officials including the State Minister for Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Dr. Abraham Tekeste and State Minister for the Ministry of Industry, Dr. Mebrhatu Melese were among the panelists who held discussions on the human capital management of the nation.