What we offer

Becoming an ALLE customer is an opportunity to make your business more profitable. Businesses choose to partner with us because we are modern, efficient and are capable of satisfying the needs of our customers for quality products.

Our value proposition provides a unique set of benefits to our esteemed customers:

  • Price

                     Offer competitive and stable wholesale prices

  • One-stop-shop

                     Provide wide product assortment covering consumers’ daily needs

  • Proximity

                     Expanding our network to bring stores closer to all our customers

  • Relationship

                     Maintain strong lines of communication with customers

  • Availability

                     Stock most sought after products reliably

By working with ALLE, a pioneer of cash and carry wholesale for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in Ethiopia, you can add value to your business by increasing the variety and quality of products you deliver to your customers while enhancing profitability.

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