Through our expanding network of stores set to open across all regions of Ethiopia, we offer a unique distribution channel.

Our value propositions:

Innovation The strategic partner to develop brands in Ethiopia

  • We maintain the highest standards of commitment towards the success of our partners. We will work with you closely to successfully launch, promote and establish your product as a recognized brand

Growth Unprecedented reach to regions of Ethiopia

  • Partnering with ALLE allows your business to gain unmatched access to a large consumer base for your products in Ethiopia. As the country’s first modern cash and carry wholesaler, ALLE is increasingly becoming the obvious choice for FMCG producers as a dependable and proficient distributor

Reliability Professional counterpart in line with international standards

  • We will endeavor to ensure your company is served accurately and professionally according to international best business practices

Development Strong support for investors into Ethiopia’s FMCG market

  • At ALLE, we are constantly seeking to introduce new and highly sought after products to the increasingly quality-conscious Ethiopian consumer base

Efficiency Focus on efficiency to optimize value-for-money

  • We put efficiency at the heart of our operations. All members of our team collaborate closely in order to achieve synergy in all we do and to deliver tangible results to our partners within the shortest time frame

For information on how to become a supplier for ALLE, please contact us by clicking here